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     **Note... before you continue, the MLS requires that you register with your name, email and phone number.  The registration takes under 30 seconds and was designed by the MLS as a way for you to basically "sign my guestbook".   Because I want you to utilize this powerfull tool to its maximum potential... my promise to you is that this information will be held strictly confidential and NO ONE WILL CALL OR EMAIL YOU if you so desire.  I may either send you an email or call you ONCE just to introduce myself... however if you don't even want ME to contact you... just Send Me an Email and type me a quick note.  Signing my guestbook is great compliment to me... I will not abuse that compliment!

     If you don't want to register (sign my guestbook) and you want to view ONLY RE/MAX listed properties... you may click here.  If you want to view ALL properties regardless of which company has them listed... please continue reading below so that you can benefit from the MLS search as much as possible. 


On My Property Finder:

1.  All of the listings on the MLS reflect the Current Status, so if a listing is under contract already... it will say ACTIVE - CONTINGIENT up at the top of the listing which will save you a lot of time and frustration. 

2.  If you want new listings automatically emailed to you... you must click "SAVE" once you've built-in your search criteria.  The system will automatically send you listings to let you know of any changes or "NEW" listings that have hit the market.  

3.  You can search multiple towns at the same time by holding down the CTRL button and then left clicking on each town until you have selected all of them.

Thank you again for visiting "My Property Finder" and I hope you enjoy it!  




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