On The Radio


     Imagine how quickly your home would sell, if your agent were there 24 hours a day.  Standing at the curb. . . (the guy in the photo is NOT me)


. . . talking with every prospect that stops by!  Your home sure would stand out from all the rest.


That's what it's like with Talking House!  Your home sells itself to every prospective buyer that drives by.


Prospects stop, and "tune in" on their car radio.  They hear all the features that make your home special.


Your home stands out in a crowded marketplace, so it sells faster, for top dollar!


Top agents all across North America now use this edge.  More than 1 million homes have sold thanks to Talking House.


The Talking House? Transmitter won't interfere with TV or radio.  You'll only know it's there from all the excited prospects who want to buy your home.



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